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Ant Raid 1.0.12 APK

Ant Raid 1.0.12 APK Overview

Ant Raid APK is a powerful game that has a story he wants to be moved at home and after he saw one adventure ways for more information download Ant Raid for android/mobile user. You need the planning game.

Ant Raid APK is an exciting and exciting strategy game genre released by Ant Raid HeroCraft Labs game studio for $ 1.99 for Android devices. The Russian gaming studio has already offered other successful games and has a good record. Strategy games are generally welcomed by many gamers, but sometimes they have exotic controls and mechanisms that make us tired of playing fast. But as we get to know the controls and mechanisms of the game after a while, we feel we may be having some fun. But what if these complexities did not exist from the beginning? Ant Raid by no means has these complexities and its gameplay is very simple.

In Ant Raid APK Download, you control the colony of ants and you have to try to protect them from the insects. These vermin initially contain bees and snails and may not be a great challenge at first, but when you continue to encounter giant mutated insects you just realize that everything is not as easy as you thought and with one, you are facing a serious challenge. Before you start the game you will have a tutorial that allows you to learn how the game works. For example, you learn how to select different groups of ants, how to attack, and so on.

Features of Ant Raid 1.0.12 APK

Between the features of Ant Raid, APK Free Download is.

  • Simple playing game.
  • Best enjoy the story.
  • It planning mission game.
  • It was a fantastic game.
  • High-graphic supported.

Ant Raid 1.0.12 APK Technical Details

  • Package Name: Ant Raid APK
  • Current Version: 4.0
  • Requires: Android
  • Size: 52 MB

Download Ant Raid 1.0.12 APK Free

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