Download Cache Cleaner Smart 3.0 APK Free

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Download Cache Cleaner Smart 3.0 APK Free

Cache Cleaner Smart 3.0 APK Overview:

Excess files and applications left behind are one of the main causes of many software problems on Android smart devices. Cache Cleaner Smart 3.0 users can manually identify and delete these files, but high numbers are always a major obstacle to finding all of these files. For this reason, to speed up deletion, Android developers have already introduced various startups in this regard.

Cache Cleaner Smart APK is the title of an Android cache cleaner application developed by SKVCHAT LLC and published on Google Play. Cache Cleaner Smart APK utilizes professional coding that allows you to identify any file junk in just a few seconds and delete them with a hint. In addition to deleting additional files, several other features are included in the program, among them stopping background apps for freeing up RAM. If you think your device consumes more battery than usual, you can optimize it by touching an option.

Features of Cache Cleaner Smart 3.0 APK

Between the features of Cache Cleaner Smart APK, Free Download is.

  • Quickly and intelligently identify Android removable files.
  • Deleting all junk files with just one touch.
  • Option to stop background processing and free the RAM.
  • CPU cooling and speed up execution of commands.
  • Battery amplifier and energy saving.
  • Protect your smartphone when connected to unsecured WiFi networks.
  • Professional game boosters without any complicated options.

Cache Cleaner Smart 3.0 APK Technical Details

  • Package Name: Cache Cleaner Smart APK
  • Current Version: 4.1
  • Requires: Android
  • Size: 8 MB

Download Cache Cleaner Smart 3.0 APK Free

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